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27 Feb 04

The UK based software house, Silicon Village Mobile has announced new versions of it's popular Fortress SMS encryption series of applications. Developed by Dr. David Reynolds , Fortress Suite, comprising Fortress SMS-M and FortressMail demonstrates several unique capabilities, including the ability to send encrypted MMS messages between handsets , independent of operators and Mobile to E-mail encrypted MMS.

With these capabilities, Fortress Suite is the encryption application of choice for Mobile pathology messaging,Telemedicine, Insurance, Financial , Law Enforcement and Government mobile users.

Fortress Suite , includes the ability to interoperate with Windows , Symbian and e-mail applications as standard. It uses AES standard encryption and MD5 integrity checking , to protect messages.

Tony King , a partner in development firm Silicon Village Mobile, said: “We identified a need in the market, for strong encryption of sensitive documents and imagery for Healthcare, Legal, Financial and Law Enforcement mobile phone users. Mobile phones are being increasingly used to transmit and receive sensitive material. If the phone is lost, or messages are intercepted,or sent to the wrong recipient , the potential issues of liability are very serious indeed. Fortress Suite addresses those issues where confidentiality is a must. For the first time, Professional Camera users can send documents and imagery between handsets and to personal computers, confident their confidential information is encrypted end-to-end."

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